Saturday, 23 June 2012

Flood Season

One miserable dog. He won't go outside because it's raining and he is becoming increasingly restless! We've had a bit of a deluge out here. It poured all day yesterday and the wind howled into the night. Our neighbours (a mile down the road) will be on flood alert today because they live right next to the river and they were flooded in 2008 & 2009. The river is rather high today and rising so it must be really worrying. I hope they escape it this time. Sadly some have not been so lucky around Cumbria today and a certain number of residents spent part of the early hours of this morning sandbagging their properties.
Cars have been partly submerged in Carlisle and roads are flooded. Train services have been cancelled, traffic has been held up or diverted and I haven't had my post! Clearly the little red postman Pat vans are not up to the job. Come on Royal Mail, surely we can improve on this. The route from the mail sorting office to my house is passable. Still, my Asda groceries arrived courtesy of one of the regular drivers who was in good spirits despite the atrocious weather. I have to say, out of all the deliveries I have ever had, including parcel deliveries, the Asda and Tesco home groceries always deliver - whatever the weather. They've battled floods, icy roads and snow, and they've always come through for me. Big round of applause to them all and  customer service medals. Now for one of my most loathed jobs - putting away the groceries. So laborious.