Thursday, 21 June 2012

Olympic Torch Fever

Well, I almost forgot to put in an appearance. Had a hectic day - typical lakeland drizzle and a mad dash to see the Olympic torch as the bearers came through Cockermouth. It was rather good although I won't be going to watch the Olympics. Afterwards my boys had their picture taken, holding one of the gold Olympic torches. Well, it might be the only time we get to see such events in our lifetime so it was definitely worth it. It was a nice end to a murky day, murky in more ways than one!

My day began with a house hunt - we have to move sadly and with a view like this one below, you can see why.

view from home.
I really don't wish to leave it. It's a cliche but this valley is 'God's country.' It's glorious and the mountains are all around us, enveloping the houses in the valley within a mountainous circle. Problem is, there are no suitable properties that fit our criteria and so we must leave. We have a rented cottage and it will be nice to buy our own place again. 

We've found a good house in a lovely spot, it's empty and we have no chain. You'd think it would be easy to secure a sale in this current market if you offered to pay the asking price. Wrong! Whilst houses are stagnating all around the country, sellers can't sell, first timers can't secure the finance due to inadequate deposits (which are sadly ridiculously high nowadays), our Estate Agent informs us that it is an 'external company' managing the sale of the house we wish to buy, and she has been unable to get in touch with them. Also, we have been informed that viewings are booked in for the next few days and will still go ahead. 

So, it seems unlikely that we will have an answer before the weekend and can have the property taken off the market. Sometimes you get the feeling that it's just not meant to be. I'm getting that feeling more and more. This won't be the first house we've lost, if it comes to that. Trouble is, our requirements are so specific that the majority of properties on the market are either no good or too expensive. So, it's taking a long time -although in saying that it's only been 5 months since we started searching -I'm told that some people take 2-3 years +. In truth I'm starting to get 'a bit long in the tooth' for it, as folks say, and I'm positive that we will find something else if necessary. I certainly can't be bothered to play games and I'm having nothing to do with gazumping or fighting over a property.