Thursday, 12 July 2012

A Dog's Life

Barely had time to write anything useful here. It's been a hectic day doing all the normal things and then attending to e-mails. I've never had so many messages or comments on my blog before. It's pretty amazing and I must commend Book Blogs for this.

I joined them recently and there's no shortage of members who are willing to offer advice, chat in general or talk about writing tips etc. It's probably the best site I've encountered to date and one which is rich in resources for avid readers, book reviewers and authors.

Having been introduced to some new authors my reading list is quickly mounting up. I'd better get a spurt on as I have 1 book to finish (almost there) and 2 more lined up on Kindle. Then perhaps I can do a few of my own book reviews but I must confess, it's difficult to devote the time. Guilt is a dreadful, negative emotion that insists on rearing its ugly little head every time I write something that isn't my book. I don't know how others manage to do all that they do.

And so I put an end to all procrastinating as I'm off to bed. See, that great giant ball of yellow fur below has the right idea but then sleeping is his favorite activity. Well, it IS a dog's life after all.

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