My Pictures

These are just a selection of my ramblings around the Lake District. Hope you enjoy them.

Spout Force, Whinlatter Forest

Honister Pass



High Cragg and High Style from Buttermere Village

View towards Dodd Fell

View towards Kirk Fell (left) and Swinside (right)

Loweswater Church

View from Loweswater

A Sunny View of Lorton Vale

Climbing up Low Fell - Son makes a discovery of Foliage.

View towards Mellbreak

View across Loweswater
View of Lorton Valley
Buttermere, Cumbria.
View over the Vale of Lorton, Cumbria.


  1. Hi Suzy,
    Just wanted to say thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog, I'm glad you enjoy You May Say I'm a Dreamer. Your blog is pretty great too :) Looks like you live ina beautiful place. I lived out in the country for all of last year and I miss the fresh air and the pure beauty of it, although it's nice being back home by the city where my family is. I tried to follow you, but for some reason my computer won't let me, so when it starts behaving I'll follow :)
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for dropping by. New Zealand is a beautiful country although I've never been -only ever seen it on tv or in pictures. Some people say that the Lake District is the English New Zealand -I guess it's the closest I'll get.
    All the best.

  3. I've never been up that way, apart form a brief stop over on the way to Scotland. Your pictures are very enticing.


    1. Hi Robert and thanks for commenting. It's a lovely place to visit, especially if you enjoy walking/hill walking or sailing. Hope you get the chance to see the sights some day.

  4. I love rambling around where I live. I went to the lake district many years ago. I got lost. I was heading for a place called Newbiggin. The AA provided me with an itinerary. We didn't have internet or GPSs then. I followed these direction to nearly to Hadiran's wall. My mum and granny were getting weary. I stopped and asked someone and showed them the address I was heading for. We had driven past it about an hour previously. To be fair to myself there are about 20 places called Newbiggin in the Lake District. I had directions to the wrong one.

  5. Hi Kerry, I know that's a problem with duplicate place names. That happened once to me also-2 villages with the same name, unknown to me, about 1 hour apart! So frustrating. But at least there's a lot of beautiful scenery to drive through whilst becoming lost. I've lived here for 4.5 years and there's still so many places I want to visit. I dare say that the scenery in your own back yard is much nicer though. All the best.