Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fresh Start

It's been a while, but here I am. I've graduated from the Open University, almost began a Masters in Creative Writing - had to defer but to be perfectly frank, I'm considering backing out altogether. The reason for this is down to the cost unfortunately. It's a shame in a way but, as it has been pointed out to me more than once recently, one does not need to be taught how to write. Simply get on with it - and save your cash in the process. Masters courses are anything but cheap and sadly do not generally attract funding. So, the bank balance will be healthier.
 My novel, (historical fiction) is slowly taking shape. It has been more complex than I had envisaged but I have this overriding need to get it finished. It's an emotive and intriguing story and one that must be told. That said, it's been altered more times than I can keep up with. Just heard on TV today that even the presenter, Tess Daley has written her first novel. Apparently she locked herself away in her attic (where she has an office -lucky girl -unlike me who has nowhere to hide from intrusion) at night and wrote it in around 5 months, and she thought that was slow! I could have pulled all of my hair out in one go. Slow indeed. Doesn't she realise how long some of us sweat for? She's been incredibly lucky. I have to hand it to her though -at least she didn't resort to the good old ghost writer.
Back to my own work, the strangest thing has happened. Having been working on my novel for some time now (I'm not about to incriminate myself and say how many weeks or months it's been) I have digressed a little and began writing poetry. I have always had an appreciation for it but I've never really been interested enough to try writing any. It has at least one benefit though -whilst I would hesitate at calling myself a poet - it does have a powerful effect upon one's writing. The next Dylan Thomas I am not but I shall continue to apply myself. (recalls old school report -'must work harder', 'must apply herself', cringe!)