Saturday, 11 February 2012

The genius that is Jam Jars!

Having recently come across an article about the Jam Jar Army, I was intrigued. I thought it may perhaps have something to do with the women's institute or something similar. Wrong! You can apply to join on line - just type in Jam Jar Army (into Google) and read up about it. Basically, it's about encouraging us to fill our empty jam jars with all of our loose change (the coins you don't want because they are a nuisance. Of course in these hard times we may well be tempted to rejoice in the wealth of our loose change, but that's another matter). Then, donate to a charity of your choice and inform the Jam Jar organisation of the charity you chose. Simple. 
The author, Judith O'Reilly (Wife in the North) has written a book about it, called 'The Jam Jar Army', due out in 2013.