Monday, 6 August 2012

Bad Friday

It hasn't been the best of days. The dark clouds and the threat of rain echo my inner feelings and it's all down to house hunting. It's unbelievable that there are so many houses languishing on the market and the one I want ends up going to sealed bids. This isn't the first time either - I lost a house a couple of months ago to a higher bidder. Having watched the property market like a hawk over the last four months, it's ironic that certain houses are gradually being reduced but none of that is in my favour. Typical! So, I have until Monday, 5:30pm to submit my best bid. (asking price already met!)  I have a feeling it's not meant to be and usually when that happens, I'm right - not that I'm psychic of course.

I must confess that all the stress is having the worst effect on my novel writing. My output is down but the thoughts/ideas are still forming so at least I have that - I'ts just that I'm channelling them into different directions, such as poetry. I guess the great Barbara Cartland would tut and tell me to get on with it. I don't think she ever succumbed to writers block, she simply carried on, thus amassing 623 bestsellers during her lifetime. Enid Blyton was another prolific writer. I'm still the proud owner of the complete set of 'The Famous Five' and 'The Secret Seven.' (bought in the 70's)

The extraordinary depth of writing is that it's so therapeutic. The experts will tell you that it enables people to deal with personal trauma and it's even noted to ease the symptoms of particular illnesses. It clearly has a great effect upon a person's psyche and subsequent wellbeing. The problem is, when something else is effecting your psyche, how can you get the writing to flow once again?

Our unique and individual DNA governs how we react to life's events and more importantly, how we cope. Sadly I'm programmed to be stressy. This usually means that if something goes pear shaped then it interferes with my concentration and my writing. However, it is reassuring to hear that other writers are blighted by similar problems and I say that with the best of intentions, simply because it gives me hope and I don't feel that I'm outside of the circle.  

I blogged recently about feeling under pressure to 'come up with the goods' and get published. The truth of it however, having given the matter much thought, is that putting yourself under pressure to conform in some way is never a good thing. You have to put yourself first and do what's right for you otherwise your real reason for writing becomes lost and perhaps that will have a negative effect at some stage. I love to write and I love to create. It's a magical moment in a sense when you create a piece of writing, bringing life and time and place to characters. Characters who become real to you and who grow under your influence and control. It's a great sense of achievement, don't you agree? 

And after writing this I can feel my house woes drifting away. I'm not in a hurry and if I'm not a winner after Monday, something else will come along. In the meantime, keep writing.