Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Book Of The Day

This is the second novel by author, Kate Lord Brown and is set within the period of the Spanish Civil War. Can't wait to get my copy.

My history lessons at school never touched upon the Spanish Civil War - I think the first memory I have of this period came from my Open University days when we studied the poetry of the thirties and I ended up researching the Spanish Civil War as a sideline. Literature really is fascinating though because much of it is immersed in history. Present day will be history tomorrow.

Historical fiction is my passion - so many stories remain untold and many more are in danger of being forgotten. Years ago before my gran passed away, my grandfather told me that she had served in the WAAF during World War 2. He explained that she was a radio operator, not that I really understood. Of course my gran never mentioned it at all. I was only about 8 at the time so I didn't really understand the significance of it all, never mind a world war!
Sadly she died when I was 10, a few days short of her 60th birthday. At the time she and my grandfather were on a coaching holiday with an overnight stay at a hotel in Gretna Green. She suffered a heart attack whilst they were on the ballroom floor. More recently we learned that she had never claimed her service medal so we claimed it posthumously and it is a very special reminder of her service for King and country.

So, what drives me? That would be my intrigue - although my husband says I'm just nosy! I think I know more about his family than he does. But then a little bit of digging here and there and reverting to your Michael Parkinson persona can turn up all sorts of jewels. I think it's worth the effort. Let me know your thoughts, comments most welcome.