Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Fresh Start

Today I'm going to write at least 500 words. I can hear some of the whisperings now, "Blimey, that's not much," and perhaps "pigs will fly." Apparently for some people they do and for me, they will have to start because today feels like a fresh new start. Besides, 500 is better than none and if I can do more then all the better. Got to focus on the positive.
The worst thing is I'm writing this up now and then I'm dashing out for a hospital appointment - no it's nothing serious at all, just 'routine.' When I get back, the real work begins.
It's a typical Cumbrian day - heavy showers with intermittent breaks of sun/cloud. The birds are singing and the swallows are recreating the old days of spitfire dog fights, swooping and climbing steeply into the blue - or grey as it is today. They really are fascinating to watch.