Sunday, 24 June 2012

Get Creative

I love this quote -

“Eighty percent of success is showing up.” - Woody Allen.

He had a valid point. On a bad day, I don't show up and there lies the problem. I find you have to be so disciplined in order to write. Sometimes I wish I had my own personal writing space away from the hustle and bustle of home. Perhaps my very own log cabin out in the garden -right at the bottom, out of sight. No interruptions and no phone calls. Just me, a pen, paper, comfy chair, desk, scented candle or two and so on. I'm guessing you can view the scene. Oh and the all important bolt on the door.

Writing every day is vital - even if you only manage to do fifty words it's better than nothing. At least it keeps your characters and plot lines fresh in your mind.
Eventually you start to build a routine and your writing becomes a part of you. It becomes natural and your imagination gets an effective workout in the process. Creativity flows more readily and the more often you write, the easier it will be. Remember, world class athletes are such because of their rigorous daily training programmes - we all have to put in the groundwork if we wish to be recognized.

As for me, I'm off now to do some more work - writing of course. It's raining outside so everything is just as it should be. Well, you can't come to Cumbria and expect sunshine, can you? You can cross your fingers but chances are rain will be on the horizon. 

Other things on my mind right now include writing competitions. Should I enter? It ups your profile I suppose, especially if you win. However, it detracts the mind away from the present work which I confess is difficult enough -finding the time or dedicating the time (I should say) is the tricky part in my household and I feel selfish at times locking myself away to write, but I need to work and there it is. So, as time goes on, I'm putting myself under more pressure to commit to other 'writerly things' simply in order to get my work circulating and become known. So, one of my self made dilemma's is, do I spend time perfecting that old short story or poem for an upcoming competition or is it time misspent? I lean towards the latter although my alter ego continues to nag me. 

My yellow lab is looking at me with his large, soft brown eyes that say, 'time for a walkie.' So it looks as if it's time to get drenched. "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more."