Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Twice In One Day.

Back again. Just a quick note. I've managed to do some more writing on the novel. I think I've loosened the knot on the old creative strand and the ideas are flowing once more. My head is filled with Spitfires, Lancaster's and other planes used during World War 2.

One thing I have realised is just how bad I am at planning. I don't know if every writer plans each novel meticulously but I certainly need some structure in place before I start the real work, and it looks like I need to work on that. One thing that always amazes me is where your writing takes you. I've travelled a new path today and  have a new character and another plot. Now all I have to do is cross my fingers and toes that the strands will come together at the end.

Planning my novel has been a major task and I don't mind admitting it. My problem has always been that I want to run before I can walk and often stumble as a result. Thankfully my love of screenplays has helped enormously. Being able to visualize not only the characters but each scene is helping me to write and giving me the confidence that it might be of interest to some.

And finally, what about this for a picture - A Lysander plane - used for special duties flights such as dropping SOE agents into occupied territory and carrying out arms drops etc. They were incredible and they were also part of Bomber Command. It was always a fly by moonlight operation because the pilots relied upon the grace of the moon in order to map read and navigate. ( The planes were too small for a navigator.) Simply wonderful and very, very brave.

courtesy of Pedliano; source