Saturday, 23 June 2012

Wet Weekend

This is the view from behind our home. It's a dark, misty, drizzly day but at least the wind has settled slightly. Looks like this is the forecast for the whole weekend. Not many people out and about today but I have spotted a few cyclists -the all weather kind -brave souls that they are. It's a bit like motorcyclists isn't it? You get the type who dust the bike down and take it for a spin on a dry day, especially in really good weather, but when the rain beckons, forget it. They revert back to the preferred mode of transport -you guessed it-the motorcar. You can't beat them, at least they keep you dry. It must be hellish at the top of those mountains -I can see the mist descending as I type this, shrouding the mountain tops. Good luck to all the brave fell walkers today. Keep warm.