Monday, 2 July 2012

Decision Day

Ok, so today is the day when I have to decide what to bid for the house we want. I hate sealed bids and if I lose this one I vow never to go down the same route again. So, in order to take my mind off the problem I'm doing anything and everything I can as a distraction.

That brings me to my blog. Having been introduced to Blogger's new dynamic view template, I switched over a couple of weeks ago. However, unlike the former templates, you're unable to display most of your gadgets. So, I'm missing various things from my blog, such as my twitter feed for example. It's a shame that Blogger have been unable to configure the dynamic view in the same way. 

Has anyone else had this problem? I love the new look -very clean and sleek -dare say many would call it uncluttered. However, I have become accustomed to the 'clutter' and I think I may revert to the previous template. I'm craving my gadgets/badges so it's goodbye to dynamic until they forge a solution.

Lastly, guess what? It's still raining here -Cumbrian drizzle, typical for the time of year actually. Plus I have to dash out later for dog food as I've been caught out once more. We usually get this delivered as it's more convenient but I forgot this time, so unless I dash, I'll have 2 very ravenous labs - and they're greedy to start with.