Sunday, 1 July 2012

Final Musings Of The Day

I've just rounded off my day with a good film -'Anonymous,' which certainly delivered a different view of Shakespeare. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was rather intrigued by Queen Elizabeth I, who was depicted as anything but the virgin Queen. This isn't the first time I've heard of her illegitimate children, or should I say rumours of, but it's fascinating none the less. So, was Shakespeare a great playwright or not?

Talking of children, my youngest who recently turned eleven has just asked if he can stay up late at the weekend now as all of his friends do. I have to laugh - it's great how he's trying to push the boundaries and it's sad because he's growing up faster and faster. Talk about time flying - complete understatement. 

Lastly, before bed time, is it possible to write about a place you've never visited? Trying to root your story in a particular area takes a bit of crafting but how effective can you be if you've only ever seen that region in pictures and on television programmes? That's my dilemma right now but I'm ploughing on. The proof will be in the literature by the days end.

What do you think? Any comments are always welcome.