Monday, 16 July 2012

I Don't Know How They Do It

Well, it started off raining again and it appears to have been contagious because my mind has been shrouded by misty drizzle most of the day. Talk about procrastinating - well I am rather good at it which is a tragedy because nothing gets done. What I really mean is that no writing is done.

It's been one of those days where everything gets in the way. The nightmare that is grocery shopping, a rather large mountain of dishes to wash and a dog who loves to bark served up three very good distractions.

Then I began to read my e-mail - absolute killer. That led me to check my blog for comments which led me to check on some other blogs and then on to look up a couple of new books. I'm also following some new blogs who do a lot of book reviews and some of them are published authors. I'm amazed at how many new books are being released right now -mainly I'm talking about self published books but they are rather like a growing army. See how easy I wander off the beaten track? Right then, note to self: If there's one thing you don't do before writing, it's checking e-mails and blogs. They're off limits until you produce something worthy.

But you see that got me thinking - how do some of these brilliant bloggers write, read every day (they've got to get through all the new books they review), hold down a regular job and look after the kids? In addition some manage to write novels - I'm feeling very inferior and ashamed right now. It's peer pressure all over again. I don't work although my kids don't go to school either. We home educate so in a sense that's my day job. I don't have the luxury of a cleaner so all household tasks fall to me. (well, they might fall but I'm not catching them all every day) So, having the children means that unless my husband is off  on a weekday then I'm not writing.

My other choices are to either rise with the birds or utilize matchsticks as props for eyes and stay up until the small hours. Generally I go for the matchsticks although by the end of the day I'm usually feeling rather shattered. But then you would if your younger son has you bouncing on his trampoline for ages and then asks you to play football, using you as the goal. It does hurt a bit when you're hit in the face! Then for my very own piece de resistance, blogging. Nothing like the good old distraction of blogging. I'm in danger of becoming addicted and need all the time I have to write my novel, yet here I am again. [Note to self: stock up on matchsticks]

Well, I vow to write something this evening and make the novel grow. I have a chapter to complete and that's my goal. I'm off for a cup of tea and I might just catch up with good old Coronation Street and then it's down to digging with my pen - whether it likes it or not.