Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sleepy Sunday

It's grey, blustery and It's been trying to rain for most of the day but without much success. No doubt it'll tip down overnight.

Still feeling unwell and my hubby is not a very happy chap today as we've been unable to get to the Sunderland airshow. Best part of it really would have been seeing the Battle of Britain Memorial flight which is the Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire. They flew yesterday but cancelled today on account of the wind. However, a member of the ground crew who was in the Lancaster yesterday took some video footage from the nose turret where he was seated. Having watched it I have to say it's great. It's probably about the closest I'll ever get to flying in the mighty Lancaster so I'll be saving that. Here's the video footage:

The number of books I wish to read are rapidly piling up on my list -I haven't bought them yet of course but that's not the point. Finding the reading time is rather tough when you're looking after a family, dogs and writing a novel. Don't even mention the home education, housework, ferrying the children to and fro for sporting activities as well as family days out. This weekend has literally flown past and it feels as though my writing time has been severely compromised.

Adding to a growing literary list of things to do are three book reviews, still waiting to be done after more than 2 weeks. What can I say? It would seem that my former honorary title of superwoman and multitasker have worn thin. Well, it couldn't last forever although some people manage it.

Anyway, back to books -who likes the Tudors and Mary Queen of Scots? I love them and I've always had a fascination for the period. Just recently a new book caught my eye -'Spy For The Queen of Scots.' Can't wait to get my copy. It sounds really interesting and having just read the synopsis I'm already hooked. On saying that, at the rate I'm going I've got as much chance of reading all of these fab books as I have of flying in that fabulous Lancaster. Dream on . . .