Wednesday, 4 July 2012

To Self Publish Or Not, That Is The Question.

Just lately I've been considering how to embark upon publishing my book -when it's completed that is. Having read the odd article about self publishing versus the traditional publisher, it's got me thinking. Do I want to jump through hoops when my book is finished? Should I get an agent -sorry, rephrase that -TRY and get an agent or should I submit my manuscript direct to relevant publishers? So many questions.

Then there's the self publishing route. Seems simple enough, of course you still have to put the work in. It seems to work for many writers who choose this, in fact some have been very successful, even landing publishing deals in the process.

There's a mountain of information available for the self publisher such as self publishing guides and various websites including Amazon. It seems very tempting to try especially as you could have your e-book in circulation within an hour, if you know how. Even Waterstones are selling e-books and Kindles in many of their stores and online, clearly having recognised the benefits of embracing the e-book revolution.

So, how do you market your e-book? Some authors have given their's away for free for a limited period to discover that sales increase therefore this would seem to be an effective method. Your local bookstore is another great jewel in the marketing world -if you still have one that is -I do and they seem to be doing quite nicely but then they also have a fab coffee shop in house. Small bookstores are usually more than happy to promote the work of local authors and are worth befriending. Don't forget the benefits of social media either such as Facebook and Twitter and more importantly your blog or website.

The main point I've realised is that if you decide to self publish, then you become a marketing manager, editor and publisher. There's also the little matter of the initial cash outlay which is something you don't have to worry about if you have a publishing deal. However, securing a publishing deal is tough and we've all heard the tales of best selling authors initially facing rejection after rejection. If this happens to you perhaps it's worth taking a leap of faith right into the e-book pool just to test the water.