Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Dawn of Autumn

It's beginning to feel like Autumn. We've had a lot of rain recently and a big dip in temperatures. Summer seemed to sizzle out prematurely this year.  At least it's sunny today which is just as well out here because it's the Loweswater annual show. I can hear the Cumbrian tones of the show announcer floating across the valley as he speaks into his megaphone. Sadly I've missed the horse classes which are my main interest so no, I'm not going. In all honesty I forgot it was on which is so typical of me. Besides, I have so much to do and a backlog of work is growing so it looks as though I've more than enough to keep me out of mischief. On top of all that I really want to read 'Bring Up The Bodies' by Hilary Mantel, but I still haven't finished 'Wolf Hall' so it's just tough.
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My head is filled with thoughts. If a brain can be said to be multi-tasking then that's precisely what mine does everyday. Sitting here I'm consumed by thoughts of our recent house hunting ventures -all disastrous!  Then there's a stack of books to review which I'm getting through gradually. Then the major task of my novel and writing regularly. Ok so I have a compulsion to write which is good. Once I'm writing it's actually rather nice, merging into a past world of nostalgia, excitement and romance. I have however identified my one major flaw - discipline. I also have a problem in switching off from everything around me including other problems. It thus becomes a double edged sword in that even this distracts me from writing. Anyone else?

It sounds utterly ridiculous but the concept of finding a  regular time each day for writing is simply not as simple as it sounds. Illness gets in the way. Your child's illness or your own. The phone rings. Everyone wants you just as you're trying to focus. Your neighbour rings the door bell and there's another line vanished for all eternity. The dog barks -at cars, cyclists, the postman and even leaves blowing in the wind! I need someone to glue me to a chair and glue the pen to my hand (preferably the right one as I can barely write with the left) and then threaten to ban me from drinking endless cups of tea ever again -yes that might just do the trick. You've got to have some treats haven't you? After that, all that's required is a decent set of ear plugs.

The only other remedy is to build a shed in the garden and lock myself in it. I'm quite in favour of this one. In fact, I've already got the interior planned out down to the wood burner stove for heating in the winter. A few photos on a desk, paper, pens, perhaps the laptop, a clock, a rug, and most important, bookshelves with books. Well, it may as well look like the real thing. Problem is, I'll be moving soon so it's just going to have to wait until I finally reach where I'm going. Last but not least is the padlock and a prominent sign, something like: Keep Out, Writer at Work or perhaps Literary Genius in Residence. Well, you've got to have big dreams . . . .


  1. Sounds like a comfy shed. You'll have to post pics of it when it's done.

  2. Hi Joseph,
    Thanks for dropping by. I'll be glad to showcase my 'writer's shed' once I have one. The things you have to do for a bit of silence! It's either that or move to a house with somewhere to escape to such as an attic.