Thursday, 18 October 2012

Legend of The Ghost Flier

Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire has been an area for unexplained sightings and strange aircraft sounds for a number of years. Indeed it was here that the famous Dambusters Squadron carried out training flights in preparation for the raid on the Ruhr Dams in Germany. The reason being that Derwent Dam, situated between Ladybower Reservoir and Howden Dam was the only one we had that closely resembled the German Dams.

Locals claim to have seen what has been identified as a Lancaster Bomber flying in the skies above the Reservoir. Others claim to have seen a plane that crashed, exploding into flames yet nothing was ever found following a search.

One particular Lancaster Bomber, nicknamed Vicky the Vicious Virgin, crashed during a routine training flight on the 18th May 1945. The entire crew of 6 men from the Royal Canadian Air Force were all tragically killed.

Other reports include people who have collected pieces of wreckage from crash sites up on the Derbyshire moors, only to be plagued by bad luck or to suffer unexplained events until they returned the wreckage to the original resting place.

There is a fantastic museum at the Dam which is well worth a visit. There is also a memorial dedicated to the ‘Gallant Men of 617 Dambusters SQD. R.A.F.

Avro Lancaster during a Memorial flight over the Dam

Apparently the emergency services receive around several reports of crashed planes every year on the Derbyshire moors but nothing is ever found. Even the police have said that they are unable to rule out a paranormal explanation and so the legend of the ghost flier lives on today.