Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Review of "Falling Stars" by Sadie Grubor

Falling StarsThis could be so easily described as a rock star novel but that would be too simplistic. Sadie Grubor's Young Adult novel is rather more intense and deeper than that.
The male protagonist, Christopher Mason is the famous lead singer of The Forgotten. He appears initially as a stereotypical rock star, all brooding and difficult, at least to the outside world. However, behind the scenes he has had a very difficult past and one which has marked him psychologically.

Enter Mia, the lead singer of Hushed Mentality, an all girl group who are starring as the opening act for The Forgotten. Christopher sets out to depose this group and eliminate them from the tour. Will he succeed? There is a notable tension between the two main characters who initially appear to be poles apart. Is Chris on a journey of destruction and will he become a fallen star? Perhaps the more steady going Mia can prevent him from going off track altogether.

This is an interesting plot with tension, good pace and language. Grubor excels with realistic and natural dialogue to match her realistic and lovable characters. As I read this I found myself willing for a happy ending and for Christopher and Mia to get together. It's well crafted and the author draws you in to the rock music scene.

You can feel the tension build as you navigate through the narrative, instinctively sensing the attraction between the two main characters which unfolds, spilling over into love before your eyes. Funny and sad, it was rather like a turbulent ride in what can only be described as the madness of rock. Well plotted and constructed with an interesting narrative. Overall an enjoyable book to read.