Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Review of "Salt" by Helen Laycock

SaltSuitable for readers aged 7 – 12

For Toby, a holiday at Pirate’s Cove is nothing like he expected it to be… 
With the help of Hattie, a strange local girl, her dog Scamp and Rufus, the intelligent rat, the secrets of Salt Guesthouse are unravelled. Why are there mysterious beach fires and eerie singing at night? What is Hattie hiding? Why has a dead man been spotted in the town and why are the children in such grave danger? 


Having recently read and reviewed another of Helen Laycock's books, "Mandrake's Plot," I can once again assert that this is another gem amidst the many children's books. Children up to the age of 12 or perhaps slightly older will indeed enjoy this adventurous tale.

Salt guesthouse was situated in Pirates' Cove. Even the name of the place is suggestive of an adventure about to unfold. The author is very precise in setting the scene and providing rich descriptions of places and people - not overdone at all -just enough to enable the reader to visualise. The characters are very believable and realistic as is the dialogue. Vivid imagery and nicely flowing prose add to the strengths of the narrative.

The plot is well thought out and as the adventure begins, the story unfolds, coming to a swift resolution by the end. It is exciting and once again I am reminded of the work of Enid Blyton. Helen Laycock's books are most definitely recommended for the younger readers who I am certain will find them most enjoyable.

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