Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Review of "Under Darkening Skies" by Sara Lee Paterson

Under Darkening Skies

The lands of Drum are split into two realms, Drumdilon, a land rich in resources; and Drumbard, a dark dismal land fuelled by fear and hidden danger. Between these, a dense forest that few would dare cross!

As the King of Drumdilon celebrates the birth of his child, his army stands ready. Marauders from Drumbard are plundering the furthest reaches of his realm, killing and robbing all in their wake; but before loosing the dogs of war, he must send a lone warrior through the forest to discover more about the people on the other side.

Jonas, a swordsman from the north, has been chosen for this task. Raised since childhood by the Sage, Septimus, his ancient knowledge and skills hold him in good stead. Unexpectedly, he finds the peoples of Drumbard are no different to his own but with one exception. Struggling for survival against an army of beasts from the mountains, Jonas finds out at first hand how strong and unforgiving they are when held in captivity.

While on his quest, a legend, long forgotten reawakens and before long Jonas, still unaware of his own destiny, finds his loyalties become divided as he and others seek to reunite the fragments of an ancient chalice and bring peace to a new and ‘united’ Kingdom.


An excellent debut novel for the author and one that is reminiscent of the old and the ancient world and of legends such as King Arthur. A fantasy novel with an air of realism and mystery. The plot is imaginative and the novel is well crafted with a flowing narrative. The language is poetic in places and rhythmic with vivid imagery. Dialogue is realistic and natural and the characters are well developed. A truly enthralling tale for a wide ranging audience. The author has created a mythical world filled with intrigue and suspense and it will not disappoint.