Monday, 5 August 2013

New Book Review of 'Angel on my Wing,' by Author, Lt. Colonel Richard B. (Dick) Lewis

I came across a link to a former veteran's website and it was a fabulous discovery for me. This chap is 91 years young, healthy, determined and still driving. He's amazing and has clearly led an amazing life. Having served as a Bomber Pilot, firstly flying B-24's and later, B-17's, he managed to complete a full tour of 35 missions, surviving "flak that's so thick you can walk on it," and German fighters, every time he flew across Europe, bringing his crew safely home to their base in England without a single injury.

The book is simply written, following his recruitment into the American Air Force in 1942, his training and his eventual arrival in England in 1944. Reading about some of the missions he flew is very enlightening and interesting. The title for his book came from a letter he received from his mother. In it, she told him that she'd had a dream about her deceased mother, who told her not to worry about Dick, because she was watching over him.

Overall, the book is concise but still a most enjoyable read. It's of historic value and is also most compelling. I'm so glad that Lt. Colonel Lewis decided to write this, recording his memories for future generations to learn from.
Lt.Colonel Lewis (top left) with his crew.
Visit his website for further information on how to purchase his book:


  1. Great review. Sounds like an incredible book.


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  2. Hello Elizabeth and thanks for dropping by. Pleased you like the sound of it - it's a good read and really interesting. It's actually also very precious because it's the personal account of an airman who served with the American Air Force, 'The Mighty Eighth,' during the Second World War. Fabulous memories to share.