Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Flypast by Battle of Britain Memorial Pilots at Carlisle Airport.

My Sunday afternoon was spent at Carlisle Airport, in Cumbria. A former RAF Maintenance base during the Second World War, now a thriving little airport offering flight training among other things. Solway Aviation Museum is also based on the site and well worth a visit if you love aviation, history and wish to learn more about the former RAF base during the war.

So, as the Battle of Britain Memorial team were doing a flypast at the Leuchars airshow on Sunday, they decided to treat us to a fantastic flypast, whilst stopping over at Carlisle airport to refuel. They approached the airport, racing down from the clouds above, flew once over the waiting crowd below, turned and landed with all the grace and poise that the Spitfire and Hurricane are blessed with. Watching them both taxi down the runway was spectacular - I've never seen them on the ground before. So it was that I stood among the crowd of onlookers, waiting for them to refuel and enjoy a well earned break before taking to the skies once again, on their journey home to RAF Coningsby.
BBMF Spitfire & Hurricane at Carlisle Airport, UK.
Both of the RAF pilots came over to speak to us and they were both surprised to discover so many people had turned out to see them. I think because of that, they treat us to an extra special flypast as they left, flying over not once, but three times. The second time, swooping down quite low, and as I turned to look, it was as if I was facing the nose of the Spitfire. On their final approach they gave a waggle of their wings to say 'farewell,' and soared upwards and away, fading as black specks into the distance until they were devoured by the blue siren herself.

Hurricane touches down
I consider myself very lucky - it's the best flypast I've ever witnessed and no amount of pictures or videos ever do it justice - you  really have to experience it in person. It's a wonderful feeling. So, get out there and enjoy airshows near you. It's our way of showing our continued support for our forces and also for those beloved planes that saw the few through some of Britain's darkest days. Long may they continue flying.

My thanks again to Solway Aviation Museum for notifying us of this fabulous event on their Facebook page.
Farewell BBMF