Saturday, 21 September 2013

Peace Day September 21st, 2013

    What does peace mean to us? For some, it means no more physical abuse. The cessation of violence and of crime perhaps. More often, one is drawn towards the larger conflicts - war. It was supposed to be the war to end all wars, yet the Great War of 1914 - 1918 was not so. Ever since, conflicts have reigned in countries around the globe. Right now, the Syrian civil war has become the latest conflict to dominate our news headlines. A reported two million have fled, lost their homes and possessions. Many have lost loved ones. Children are starving or dying from lack of medical supplies. These refugees are seeking sanctuary in neighbouring countries. But the aid agencies do not have the resources to cope with the influx. Food, medicine and clean water is desperately short.
This has turned into a great humanitarian crisis. After three years of civil war, the innocent people caught up in this conflict cannot wait for peace. They urgently need our help now. Please take a moment to check the links below and read about the current appeals. Donations are needed urgently so please give what you can.

A child stares out at the world, hollow eyes, black
whilst the world stares back, hoping yet hopeless.
A father's anguish broadcast yet who will hear?
Who sees the child in his arms, frail and fading?
Here in no man's land, beyond the conflict,
where disease and death reign supreme
in this Holy Land. This Holy Land, where
blood has been spilt for centuries, and
religion is all that is left as rockets fire
and shells scar the people in this country, torn.

When will they learn? Homes become dust.
When will they learn? Thousands killed.
When will they learn? Children dead and dying.
When will they learn?

Restore the peace to these lands and allow
the children to play once more beneath
the golden shimmering beads; basked in
hope, love and peace.
Beyond, the graveyards and flowers.

Thanks to Maria Catalina Egan, Author of The Bridge of Deaths, who invited me to a Blog Hop for the International Day of Peace. To follow this, please click here: