Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday Celebrations - Celebrate the Small Things Blog Hop by VicLit

Friday has arrived once more - rather promptly. Time is literally flying and is winning in the race over my writing. That said, one of my reasons to celebrate and to be positive and thankful is that my manuscript is moving forwards. I always find the editing process laborious and recently discovered a flaw in the plot. Having previously thought I'd planned most meticulously, I was left feeling frustrated. Still, this week I've finished working through it and have finally moved on. So, onwards and upwards and I'm all set for a write in this weekend. Judging by the weather (typical Cumbrian drizzle), it might be the best place to be. Although I really do have a hankering to take a ride on the steamer boat on Lake Windermere and have my usual drink - hot chocolate. Nothing like it on a cool day, especially when it's drizzling. The way the mist hangs like curtains shrouding the mountains is spectacular. I wouldn't mind taking a ride on the steam train also which is located in the scenic Leven Valley at the southern tip of Windermere. It runs for 3.5 miles from Haverthwaite Station to Lakeside Station.

My second reason to celebrate is that my friend, M.C.V. Egan, author of The Bridge of Deaths, has invited me to be a guest on her blog for a week in November. This a place where discrepancies/inaccuracies or even blatant lies relating to history are discussed. Follow link:

So, to writers everywhere, have a great weekend and happy writing. For readers, happy reading. Go on, lose yourself in a good story. It really is a great way to relax and recharge your batteries. My latest read is Wolfsangel, by author Liza Perrat.

Seven decades after German troops march into her village, Céleste Roussel is still unable to assuage her guilt. 
1943. German soldiers occupy provincial Lucie-sur-Vionne, and as the villagers pursue treacherous schemes to deceive and swindle the enemy, Céleste embarks on her own perilous mission as her passion for a Reich officer flourishes. 
When her loved ones are deported to concentration camps, Céleste is drawn into the vortex of this monumental conflict, and the adventure and danger of French Resistance collaboration. 
As she confronts the harrowing truths of the Second World War’s darkest years, Céleste is forced to choose: pursue her love for the German officer, or answer General de Gaulle’s call to fight for France. 
Her fate suspended on the fraying thread of her will, Celeste gains strength from the angel talisman bequeathed to her through her lineage of healer kinswomen. But the decision she makes will shadow the remainder of her days. 
A woman’s unforgettable journey to help liberate Occupied France, Wolfsangel is a stirring portrayal of the courage and resilience of the human mind, body and spirit. 

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  1. Hurrah to your MS moving forwards!

  2. Thanks for visiting. It's moving forwards, I only hope I can complete it soon.

  3. Keep working on your manuscript--you're doing great! I'm celebrating 1.) living at the beach in California, 2.) finding out my tooth does not have to be pulled--it's a sinus infection!, and 3.) having my YA horror story, Death House, get accepted for publishing (woo hoo!), and the release of my short story, "Christmas After All" in A Touch of Winter anthology. Happy Holidays!
    ~Carole Avila